ToolbarItems icon not showing up


how to add an icon before the text “Share”?

below code only displays text and not icon. I have added icon into drawable folder

    <ToolbarItem Name"Share" Order"Secondary" IconImageSource"icon_share.png" Icon"icon_share.png" Priority"0" />
    <ToolbarItem Name"Delete" Order"Secondary" IconImageSource"icon_delete.png" Icon"icon_delete.png" Priority"1" />


The icon for Secondary Toolbar item is hidden by design .

Check the threads :

How to change icon of Secondary Toolbaritem Xamarin Forms.

I create the workaround that mentioned in the links, it works fine .


        <ToolbarItem Order"Primary" Icon"dots.png" Priority"1" Clicked"ToolbarItem_Clicked" />

        <ListView x:Name"SecondaryToolbarListView" 
                  WidthRequest"150" IsVisible"False"
                  RelativeLayout.XConstraint"{ConstraintExpression TypeRelativeToParent, PropertyWidth, Factor1, Constant-160}">
                        <StackLayout  Orientation"Horizontal" Spacing"10" Padding"5,5,5,5">
                            <Image HeightRequest"30" HorizontalOptions"Start" VerticalOptions"Center" Source"{Binding ImagePath}" />
                            <Label FontSize"15" VerticalOptions"Center" HorizontalOptions"Start" Text"{Binding MenuText}"/>

Code behind

    public class ToolbarItemModel
        public string ImagePath { get; set; }
        public string MenuText { get; set; }

  public Page2()

            var items  new List<ToolbarItemModel>
                new ToolbarItemModel {ImagePath  "dog.png", MenuText  "First Item"},
                new ToolbarItemModel {ImagePath  "dog.png", MenuText  "Second Item"}
            SecondaryToolbarListView.ItemsSource  items;

        private void ToolbarItem_Clicked(object sender, EventArgs e)
            SecondaryToolbarListView.IsVisible  !SecondaryToolbarListView.IsVisible;

        private void SecondaryToolbarListView_ItemTapped(object sender, ItemTappedEventArgs e)


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Answered By – ColeX – MSFT

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