No such module ‘SomeModule’ after liking plugin to Capacitor app


I cannot seem to find a real solution for my problem anywhere.. After following the Capacitor documentation and creating successfully an app as well as a plugin, i’ve linked them both using the following commands:

in plugin directory:

-npm run build
-npm link

in app’s directory:

-npm link plugin-name
-npm install
-npx cap sync

I open the app’s workspace and want to run it on my device but instead I am getting an error in the added plugin of the app, that a certain library I’m using in it does not exist.

p.s Plugin builds normally and has no issues. This occurs only after I’m linking both plugin and app. Am I doing something wrong?

The error I’m getting inside the plugin’s file. That's the error I'm getting in the file of the plugin. Those are the frameworks linked to the capacitor app.

That's the frameworks linked to the capacitor app.


As of this moment I have solved the issue I had. Shamefully there aren’t really any precise documentation regarding the subject so I’ll try to answer as best I can:

My issue got resolved when I updated the dependencies inside the .podspec file inside my plugin’s folder.

The specific package I wish to use with the plugin, should be specified inside the .podspec file i.e. : s.dependency 'PicUPSDKv3' should be added.

After running -npx cap sync on my main project’s folder, all pods were initialized correctly and I was able to build and run the project alongside the plugin without any errors.

Answered By – JeanDArc

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