Internal fileds (columns) in Room’s Entity


I’d like to mark some Room entity’s properties as internal. E.g.

@Entity(tableName  "users")
class User {
    // ...
    @ColumnInfo(name  "admin_id")
    internal var adminId: String?  null

However, this produce compile errors like: Error:(10, 1) error: Cannot find getter for field.

The only way how to make this works seems to use lateinit modifier, though, it can’t be used for nullable neither primitive fields.

I’ve tried a “hack”: a private field with internal getter/setter, but that doesn’t work either.

The compiled generated version obviously adds some suffix to the generated methods (setAdminId$sdk_debug) that doesn’t work with room. The “lateinited” field’s setters/getters have this suffix too, but the field stay itself public.

Is there any way how to make columns internal?


I didn’t solve this and I have to define new set of entities and mapper between them.

Answered By – hrach

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