Why not correct check “is”?


Here Kotlin’s snippet:

fun withBackgroundColorResId(@IdRes expectedId: Int): Matcher<Any> {

        return object : BoundedMatcher<Any, Any>(Any::class.java) {
            override fun matchesSafely(view: Any): Boolean {
                if (view !is View || view !is ViewGroup) {
                    Log.w(TAG, "withBackgroundColorResId_incorrect_type, view  $view")
                    return false
                val currenColor  (view.background.current as ColorDrawable).color
                val expectedColor  ContextCompat.getColor(view.context, expectedId)
                return currenColor  expectedColor

            override fun describeTo(description: Description) {
                description.appendText("textView with background color resId: ")

and usage:

onView(withRecyclerView(tradersRecyclerView).atPositionOnView(traderCheckPos, pauseTextView)).check(matches(withBackgroundColorResId(trade_not_running_color)))

and here logcat:

06-05 10:25:12.787 I/ViewInteraction(22053): Checking 'MatchesViewAssertion{viewMatchertextView with background color resId: "#ffbde6ff"}' assertion on view RecyclerView with id: com.myproject.debug:id/tradersRecyclerView at position: 0
06-05 10:25:12.787 W/com.myproject.custom.matcher.CustomMatchers(22053): withBackgroundColorResId_incorrect_type, view  androidx.appcompat.widget.AppCompatTextView{a412c35 V.ED..C.. ........ 0,0-288,288 #7f0800c9 app:id/pauseTextView}
06-05 10:25:12.794 D/com.myproject.activity.TradersActivityTest(22053): afterEach
06-05 10:25:12.794 I/MockWebServer(22053): MockWebServer[8081] done accepting connections: Socket closed
06-05 10:25:12.825 D/LifecycleMonitor(22053): Lifecycle status change: com.myproject.ui.activity.TradersActivity@2964795 in: PAUSED
06-05 10:25:12.825 D/LifecycleMonitor(22053): running callback: androidx.test.rule.ActivityTestRule$LifecycleCallback@9705558
06-05 10:25:12.825 D/LifecycleMonitor(22053): callback completes: androidx.test.rule.ActivityTestRule$LifecycleCallback@9705558

as you can see the object “view” has type androidx.appcompat.widget.AppCompatTextView. As we known AppCompatTextView is extends from View

But why it print

withBackgroundColorResId_incorrect_type, view  androidx.appcompat.widget.AppCompatTextView



In Kotlin’s documentation is states:

checks that a value has a certain type

So according to Your code, You ask in a way

is my view instance of X?

Following this line You get:

  1. is view instanceof View? Answer is yes.
  2. is view instanceof ViewGroup? Answer is no.

Single views extends mainly by View class. ViewGroups are mostly used in more complex layouts like LinearLayout,FrameLayout, etc.

Concluding the results, You have:

true||false true

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