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I have a big C++ project that has about hundred source files that are located in a bunch of sub folders. They were initially developed using Xcode IDE, so there are no makefiles there.

Now I need to build it for Android using NDK. I understand how to create but I wonder is there any visual tool or maybe script that can do this (or at least basic structure) automatically (maybe smth. like cmake) or do I have to do everything manually (I’ll spend a lot of time for this…) ?


Well you actually can use cmake. I do so in several projects using android ndk toolchain and a modified script that I took from this project that comes from the initial port to android of OpenCV library.

If you don’t want to use those scripts as a CMAKE_TOOLCHAIN_FILE (I did not want too) you can do something like:

# Setting android build
SET(CMAKE_TOOLCHAIN_FILE ${CMAKE_MODULE}/android.toolchain.cmake)
# Project name 

.. configure your project here

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