What is Kiosk Mode and how can I implement it for a Xamarin.Forms application?


I have been searching to know what exactly Kiosk Mode means. Can someone please confirm to me that running an application in full screen whilst disabling power, volume and home buttons indeed amounts to running it in Kiosk Mode?

Also, is there any samples available to implement it in Xamarin.Forms?

Thanks for your time.


“Kiosk mode” usually means some kind of mode where operations outside those provided by an app are disallowed. Typically it’s a feature of the operating system, not your app (although depending on the platform, you may need to make certain assertions in your app).

On iOS, this mode is called Guided Access. Your app can request Guided Access provided the target device is being appropriately managed/supervised with Mobile Device Management. There’s another, more locked-down mode called Single App Mode which is also managed with Apple Configurator.

On Android, this mode is called Lock Task Mode. Here’s the Xamarin documentation about it. The Android docs have a good overview of how to manage all this.

If you ever decide to produce a UWP version of your app too, Microsoft’s equivalent is called Assigned Access.

Answered By – Kit Grose

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