My app getting crashed


I have developed an app , I was happy with that when I run on my emulator and on my friends mobile like Mi , coolpad, Moto E2 . The main problem came to me when this app got installed on Moto X play, Samsung Galaxy j7 and infix note 4 my app is getting crashed after displaying splash screen pls help me out here

I am building Apk every time to test on multiple devices but it’s runing fine on my emulator and some other devices , there was no error showing in logs , when I installed this app on moto X play runs on custom rom (linage Os ) , one plus X (oxygen os ) , and on infix note 4 its getting crashed after splash screen


you need to use drawable in all screen sizes and all have your drawables you need to use layout width & height “match parent , wrap content” or use weight to take size in it

Good luck

Answered By – A.nemati

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