Jetpack Compose draw on image with Painter


With painter it’s possible to draw on ImageBitmap with the snippet

   val imageBitmap: ImageBitmap  imageResource(id  R.drawable.landscape3)

    val customPainter  remember {
        object : Painter() {

            override val intrinsicSize: Size
                get()  Size(imageBitmap.width.toFloat(), imageBitmap.height.toFloat())

            override fun DrawScope.onDraw() {
                    color  Color.Red,
                    start  Offset(0f, 0f),
                    end  Offset(imageBitmap.width.toFloat(), imageBitmap.height.toFloat()),
                    strokeWidth  5f
    Image(painter  customPainter, contentDescription  null)

loadFontResource is deprecated. Use fontResource instead. imageResource, loadImageResource, vectorResource, and loadVectorResource are deprecated. Use painterResource instead. (I6b809)

with alpha12 imageResource is deprecated. painter‘s drawImage(imageBitmap) function that draws image has no replacement or another function other than the one takes imageBitmap as parameter?

What’s the point of ImageBitmap as of alpha12 since there is no not deprecated function to create it with a resource, and function to get ImageBitmap from Painter does not exist.


starting from Compose UI 1.0.0-beta01

imageResource and vectorResource are now extension functions on ImageBitmap and ImageVector companions respectively. load{Image,Vector,Font}Resource functions have been deleted. (I89130)

import androidx.compose.ui.res.imageResource
// ...
val imageBitmap: ImageBitmap  ImageBitmap.imageResource(R.drawable.landscape3)

painterResource under the hood calls imageFromResource, so we can use it too:

val imageBitmap: ImageBitmap imageFromResource(

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