Flutter errors Exceptions customTrace and fromJSON


When clicking on the link in E/flutter (17214)#0 I get the (E) highlighted.

catch (e) { print(CustomTrace(StackTrace.current, message: e));

enter image description here

on the second image in E/flutter E/flutter (17214)#1, I get this highlighted (fromJSON)

enter image description here

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What is happening here is that you are not really deserializing all the data you are getting properly, the dart analyzer is telling you that “noSuchMethodError” is not a Type of String.

This essentially means that you are supposed to have a String somewhere but you are using “noSuchMethodError”. The dart analyzer wants you to check your fromJson Method and change somethings.

It would help better if you could show your fromJson method.

Answered By – Denzel

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