Making a file for the PC while using an Android library


I’m writing a module to create a file for use as a resource by an Android app. As a Kotlin script I can achieve this. However, now it allegedly needs to use an Android library with a Context. (I want to call hasGlyph() on a supplied with a typeface from a font resource.) I have tried “Android library,” “Java or Kotlin Library,” and “Phone & Tablet Module” in the Android Studio wizard, reading here, and Gradle heck. I have come to believe an app may be my only choice, but it seems terribly inconvenient to have to retrieve the file from the device (I don’t know how to do this yet either), for a task which is more of a simple script.

  1. Is this so unusual a situation?
  2. What would be the accomplishing setup?


A Java/Kotlin script using java.awt.Font for the same functionality instead

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