How to add items incrementally while scrolling in CollectionView in Xamarin Forms?


I want to add items in CollectionView automatically while scrolling in Xamarin Forms. I have an ObservableCollection<ModelItem> object as an ItemsSource to CollectionView. how can I update ItemsSource while scrolling so that items in CollectionView also get added.


Use CollectionView‘s RemainingItemsThreshold and RemainingItemsThresholdReached properties for adding items incrementally to the CollectionView.

RemainingItemsThreshold is used to fire RemainingItemsThresholdReached event whenever specific number of items are remaining to be scrolled in the collection.

Also use RefreshView to show refreshing animation while items are added incrementally.

Here is the XAML code

<RefreshView x:Name"refreshView">
    <CollectionView x:Name"collectionView" RemainingItemsThreshold"5" 
                    Margin"10" VerticalScrollBarVisibility"Always">
                <StackLayout Margin"5">
                    <Label Text"{Binding ItemName}" />

Here is the C# Code

bool isLoading;

public void LoadItemsFirstTimeInCollectionView()
    Items  new ObservableCollection<CompanyItem>();
    collectionView.ItemsSource  Items;  // You can use Binding as an ItemsSource in XAML
    refreshView.IsRefreshing  true;

    for (int i  0; i < 20; i++)

    refreshView.IsRefreshing  false;

public void LoadItemsIncrementally(object sender, EventArgs e)
    if (isLoading || Items.Count  0)

    isLoading  true;
    int LastItemIndex  Items.Count;

    refreshView.IsRefreshing  true;
    Device.StartTimer(TimeSpan.FromSeconds(2), () > // Fake 2 seconds, Modify with your API call or anything else
        for (int i  LastItemIndex; i < LastItemIndex + 20; i++)

        isLoading  false;
        refreshView.IsRefreshing  false;
        return false;

Refer here for official documentation

Answered By – Juned Khan Momin

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