Why is only “Generic Simulator” showing and the menu item “iOS and Mac” grayed out in Visual Studio for Mac?


I am using Visual Studio for Mac and I am wondering why is the menu item "iOS and Mac" disabled under main menu Tools.

And also my iPhone Simulator is not showing up to deploy an iOS app in the simulator.

I’ve set my Apple SDK path in Visual Studio’s preferences as follow. /Applications/Xcode.app/

My macOS and Visual Studio versions are :

macOS High Sierra 10.13.6
Visual Studio Community 2019 for Mac 8.10.8 (build 0)
Xcode 10.1

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I find the way to fix showing generic simulator only. I simply unload the Xamarin.iOS project in the solution and reload it and set it as startup project. It is just simple as that. I got the right way from this answer by someone else. https://stackoverflow.com/a/61899711/5841944

Answered By – zawhtut

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