Android Studio not deploying changes to app


Sometimes this scenario occurs when developing. I would make a change in my source code, hit save all and then run but the change wouldn’t be apparently not reflected in the app -(I’m using a device for testing). I can even uninstall the app on my device, and hit run again and the newly installed app still hasn’t reflected the change in the source code. When this happens I have to edit the source, hit run and maybe then a new version with the changes I expected will be on the device.

I also tried the solution here, but it doesn’t seem to work often.

Android Studio – Deploys my app without new changes


I’ve got the same problem. This thread popped up first when I’ve searched for it. Solved it (hoping so) by not using the Instant Run feature. Might not be the best solution but it works for now.

Just go to “File -> Settings -> Build, Execution, Deployement -> Instant Run” and just disable it. With this Android Studio builds from scratch each time but it’s better than not building it right.

Mini rant: Almost each version of Android Studio comes with an annoying bug. They’re about to release the version 2 but its beta is still buggy. I hope they stabilize the IDE in the near future.

Answered By – Göktay K.

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