Does Android Studio have an NDK memory viewer?


I am porting a C library code for windows into android

When I create a dynamically allocated array in the NDK C code, the variables viewer window only shows me the address of the first element, and the value of the first element

I would like to see all the array’s members in the phone’s memory

Is there a memory viewer or something similar for NDK in android studio?

Or as an alternative, can I do some kind of memory dump in the lldb console?


You can print a dynamically allocated int array using LLDB print (in short p) command like below:(modify the size and type according to your own case)

(lldb) print *(int (*)[5])foo2

It will give output all the elements of the int array. See below screenshot:

enter image description here

For a GUI style, you can select Variables tab and add a new watch using similar statement as command line said above, see below screenshot:

enter image description here

And then:

enter image description here

Unfold the watched statement, you will see all the elements as below:

enter image description here

Edit #1

Using parray command is simpler:

(lldb) parray 5 foo2
(int *) $5  0x000072e200e2da70 {
  (int) [0]  20
  (int) [1]  8
  (int) [2]  55
  (int) [3]  6
  (int) [4]  52

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