Unable to invoke no-args constructor for retrofit2.Call


I have the following retrofit singleton:

interface MyAPI
    suspend fun fetchData() : Call<MyResponse>

    companion object
        private val BASE_URL  ""

        fun create(): MyAPI
            val gson  GsonBuilder()

            val retrofit  Retrofit.Builder()
                .addConverterFactory( GsonConverterFactory.create( gson ) )
                .baseUrl( BASE_URL )

            return retrofit.create( MyAPI::class.java )


data class MyResponse(
    val listOfData: List<DataEntity>


data class DataEntity(
    val fullName: String

I call the code from ModelView the following way:

viewModelScope.launch {
    try {
        val webResponse  MyAPI.create().fetchData().await()
        Log.d( tag, webResponse.toString() )
    catch ( e : Exception )
        Log.d( tag, "Exception: " + e.message )

But I keep getting:

Unable to invoke no-args constructor for retrofit2.Call<com.host.myproject.net.response.MyResponse>. Registering an InstanceCreator with Gson for this type may fix this problem.

I can’t seem to find a solution for this problem.. Any hints please?


The JSON response:

    "name": "A"
    "name": "B"
    "name": "C"


The problem is that you try to combine suspend with a Call<T> return type. When you use suspend you should make the Retrofit function return the data directly, like this:

suspend fun fetchData() : List<DataEntity> // Note: Not MyResponse, see below

Then all you have to do is to remove .await() when you make the call, like this:

// Will throw exception unless HTTP 2xx is returned
val webResponse  MyAPI.create().fetchData()

Note that you should not use the MyResponse class at all since the JSON returns an array directly.

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