how to use Espresso with Kotlin Flow?


In my app I use Kotlin Flow. Before I used suspend function with EspressoIdlingResource.increment(), but it does not work with Kotlin Flow. How to solve this problem?


I’ve replicated your problem and then made it work.

I needed to add in your gradle the espresso-idling-resource lib in implementation and androidTestImplementation:

implementation 'androidx.test.espresso:espresso-idling-resource:3.3.0'
androidTestImplementation 'androidx.test.espresso:espresso-idling-resource:3.3.0'

This way I could create in my project the CountingIdlingResourceSingleton object:

object CountingIdlingResourceSingleton {

    private const val RESOURCE  "GLOBAL"

    @JvmField val countingIdlingResource  CountingIdlingResource(RESOURCE)

    fun increment() {

    fun decrement() {
        if (!countingIdlingResource.isIdleNow) {

Then you should call this in your code when you want the test to wait, in my case it was in the onViewCreated() of the first fragment shown:


And when the first flow element arrived I just called:


And finally add this in your test class to make it wait until the countingIdlingResource is decremented:

init {

fun unregisterIdlingResource() {

With this the test that checked that the value matches the first value returned by flow (Jody) works.

A working example can be find in where a flow element is emitted every 5 secs and the espresso test waits until the first element is emitted which is when the CountingIdlingResourceSingleton is decremented.

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