What does the percent symbol (%) mean in Android.mk?


In most Android.mk files I find a line that runs something like this:


I understand that this line takes the expression on the right of : and assigns it to the symbol LOCAL_SRC_FILES. I understand that $(LOCAL_PATH) takes the value of the LOCAL_PATH symbol. But I’m left with two questions:

  1. What is the %% part all about?
  2. What’s the significance of nesting the symbol $(LOCAL_PATH) within the broader $(FILE_LIST:...) expression?

Is this an ordinary makefile syntax (I’m not all that familiar with makefiles) or something else? Where would I find a guide to this syntax? (Don’t tell me the Android.mk guide: it doesn’t deal with the % symbol.)

Example values might help us talks about this. Let’s say that $(LOCAL_PATH) is /Users/Jeff/dev/. Let’s say that $(FILE_LIST) without further complication is /Users/Jeff/dev/aaa.c /Users/Jeff/dev/bbb.c /Users/Jeff/dev/ccc.c. How does the above assignment lead to a useful value for LOCAL_SRC_FILES?


Android makefiles are intended to be run using GNU make. The documentation is available online and also should come with your distribution.

The syntax you’re asking about are substitution references; basically, the % is a wildcard that matches zero or more characters, and matches on the left are replaced with the right side.

So $(FILE_LIST:$(LOCAL_PATH)/%%) removes the string $(LOCAL_PATH)/ from the start of the FILE_LIST variable value (if it’s there; if not no change is made).

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