How to get the last character of a jobject in jni?


I have a jobject (ts) and I want to get the last character of it and then want to compare if it is equal to 0 or s (It is a mixture of numbers and characters). What can be the easiest way to do it?

jmethodID methodId_ts  env->GetMethodID(s_clazz,"toCharsString","()Ljava/lang/String;");
jobject ts  env->CallObjectMethod(signature,methodId_ts);


Just use ts.charAt(ts.length()-1):

jclass cls_String  env->GetObjectClass();
jmethodID mid_String_length  env->GetMethodID(cls_String, "length", "()I");
jmethodID mid_String_charAt  env->GetMethodID(cls_String, "charAt", "()C");

jint len  env->CallIntMethod(ts, mid_String_length);
jchar c   env->CallCharMethod(ts, mid_String_charAt, len-1);

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