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I have currently have got two activities. One for pulling the image from the SD card and one for Bluetooth connection.

I have utilized a Bundle to transfer the Uri of the image from activity 1.

Now what i wish to do is get that Uri in the Bluetooth activity to and convert it into a transmittable state via Byte Arrays i have seen some examples but i can’t seem to get them to work for my code!!

Bundle goTobluetooth  getIntent().getExtras();
    test  goTobluetooth.getString("ImageUri");

is what i have to pull it across, What would be the next step?

Many Thanks



From Uri to get byte[] I do the following things,

InputStream iStream    getContentResolver().openInputStream(uri);
byte[] inputData  getBytes(iStream);

and the getBytes(InputStream) method is:

public byte[] getBytes(InputStream inputStream) throws IOException {
      ByteArrayOutputStream byteBuffer  new ByteArrayOutputStream();
      int bufferSize  1024;
      byte[] buffer  new byte[bufferSize];

      int len  0;
      while ((len ! -1) {
        byteBuffer.write(buffer, 0, len);
      return byteBuffer.toByteArray();

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