What is the value of REQUEST\_CHECK\_SETTINGS?


I am Xamarin developer and I studied this: https://developers.google.com/android/reference/com/google/android/gms/location/SettingsApi

I want to call the method “startResolutionForResult” but to do that I need to know the value of REQUEST_CHECK_SETTINGS. In the Xamarin GPS Api, the second argument of this method is just an integer.

It may sound like a stupid question but the value is not documented and there is only one page in the android documentation that refers to it: https://www.google.nl/webhp?sourceidchrome-instant&ion1&espv2&ieUTF-8#qsite:developers.google.com+REQUEST_CHECK_SETTINGS&filter0


Holy crap, after much searching I found the official Google sample, which defines this constant to 0x1.

protected static final int REQUEST_CHECK_SETTINGS  0x1;

The Sample and the constant in question can be found on GitHub.

(old github link is broken. Check the new one)

It seems this value is just an int just like when you use StartActivityForResult() to make sure we are returning from something we requested.

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