How to show alert dialog box only once in a day in Flutter?


I’m working on an app in which I want to add a functionality that shows an alert dialog box only once a day when the user opens the app. I’m done with the dialog box I used the boolean variable if this bool value is true then show dialog else don’t show the dialog. Once the dialog opens on tap of the button I set the bool value to false. But my question is how it will set true again at the end of the day? What should I need to do so the bool value again set to true at the end of the day?


Instead of using a boolean, you need the last date/time the dialog was shown.

Every time a situation occurs in which you may need to show the dialog, you get the current date/time now and compare that with date/time of the last dialog showing.

Because you can’t be sure if the app will be killed or now, you also need to store the last date/time the app was shown on disk.

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