Why is my data being removed when i update a certain field in a realtime database in flutter for web


I am trying to update my data in the real-time database in flutter for a web app. But whenever I update my data, it deletes all of the other fields in the same table.

ChangeNotificationStatus() async {
    Map NotificationData  {
      "NotificationChecked": "YES",
    await put(
        body: jsonEncode(NotificationData));

Database Image


Whenever you put data to a path in the database, the data you provide in the request replaces all existing data in that path.

If you want to only update a single property, you can two options:

  • You can put that single value to the lower level path:

    await put(
      body: jsonEncode("YES"));
  • You can use patch, which replaces only the keys you have in your NotificationData map and leaves other keys unmodified.

For more on these operations, I recommend reading the Firebase documentation on the REST API of the Realtime Database.

Answered By – Frank van Puffelen

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