Espresso – check if the TextView exists in the ListView


I want to check displaying of Save €XX in the list. Save €XX is a TextView that can be VISIBLE or INVISIBLE. I use JUnit 4 and Espresso 2.2.1.

I tried to check it like this:


but always get an error: 'with text: a string starting with "Save"' matches multiple views in the hierarchy.

Is there a way to if the TextView exists in the ListView with Espresso?


I also tried to use onData:


but it seems that onData works with data layer but not the view layer. Therefore, I receive the error:

java.lang.RuntimeException: No data found matching: with toString() a string starting with "Save" contained values: <[Data: ...]>

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After several tries, I found the way.

In this case, we should use a combined approach and work with both data and view layers. We access the ListView by ID and choose the first item. Then check it for the ‘Save’ text.


Works like a charm. Enjoy!

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