Select Item of Spinner error in Robotium


I make a UI Test that contains a Spinner. When I execute:


The spinner can show the options,but can not select the options then the test stopped!

Then an error occurred!

I try to add


behind the


but not work!


take a look at this answer:

Seems they took those classes out now. Just ran into this myself but found a way to do this properly and generically.

// 0 is the first spinner in the layout
View view1  solo.getView(Spinner.class, 0);
solo.scrollToTop(); // I put this in here so that it always keeps the list at start
// select the 10th item in the spinner
solo.clickOnView(solo.getView(TextView.class, 10));

From: How do I click the first item in a spinner using Robotium?

As you can see a method which you try to use seems to be depracated. Try to use code above instead of yours.

Hope it help

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