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I want to add an item into a table,but if the item already exists in the table,i wanna modify a column,this is my Dao

interface BasketDao {
    @Insert(onConflict  OnConflictStrategy.REPLACE)
    suspend fun upsert(item: BasketItem)

    suspend fun delete(item: BasketItem)

    @Query("SELECT * FROM basket_items")
    fun loadBasketItems(): LiveData<List<BasketItem>>

I already have a conflict strategy for the upsert function,to replace the item if it exists,but i want to only modify the value of a column if the item exists,not replace the entire item,what can i do


You can do this using two database calls (one to query existing item and second to insert/replace the item).

In Dao:

@Query("SELECT * FROM basket_items WHERE name  :name")
suspend fun getItemByName(name: String): BasketItem?

Then in you data layer:

val newItemToSave  //
val existingItem  basketDao.getItemByName(
if(existingItem  null)
    basketDao.upsert(existingItem.copy(quantity  existingItem.quantity + 1)

Answered By – Arpit Shukla

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