Ionic/Angular – store content of an asynchronous http.get request in a variable


I try to get the content of a URL. I use the Promise since I’m in an asynchronous mode.
With the function(results) I can get all I want in the test123 variable. But when I try to store that result in the test1234 variable to use it outside the function it does not work. To be more precise the content of test1234 becomes undefined..
How could I do to make the test1234 variable filled with the content of that http.get ?

Here is the snippet :

                function(results) {
                 var test123  results['features'][0]['properties']['gid']; // works
                 this.test1234  test123;
                 console.log(this.test1234); // doesn't work, it's "undefined"
                //error function
                function(err) {
                  //handle error

Thanks for the help.


If you use promises (you need to use arrow function)

    (results) > {
      this.test1234  results['features'][0]['properties']['gid'];
    (err) > {}

But I suggest you use observables

this.http.get(URL2).subscribe((results) > {
  this.test1234  results['features'][0]['properties']['gid'];

Answered By – Bojan Kogoj

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